5 Tips to Improve the Communication in Your Relationship

Whether you’re in a new dating relationship, engaged or married for years, one of the fundamental elements of a solid relationship foundation is communication. The following tips can only help to improve communication and thus the quality of your relationship. You tell each… Read more »

Love Fitness: Are You in Shape for Your Next Relationship?

As you jump into your workout, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you are definitely on the right track—you are taking care of yourself, your body. This is an excellent step in becoming ready for love. As a certified… Read more »

Emotional Wounds: Ways They Can Show Up in Your Relationship

Do you believe things that happened in your past can impact how you function in your relationships?  If you don’t, you’re not alone.  Being a therapist who works with individuals and couples, I’ve heard countless time, “The past is done.  There’s no… Read more »

Mindfulness and Keeping it Real in Relationships

There’s a myth that won’t seem to die in popular understanding of anger. Back in the 1960’s, psychology (doing the best it could as a very young science) put forth thenotion that “venting” your anger, letting it all hang out,… Read more »

14 Ways to Make Repair Attempts in Your Relationship

Couples argue.  This is a reality.  Some escalate to damaging levels of conflict while others manage to keep it manageable, where no harm is ultimately done.  What’s the difference between these couples?  John Gottman, PhD, refers to successful repair attempts as the “happy couple’s secret… Read more »

Ask Lisa: My boyfriend is playing house with his ex and son

I have been dating my boyfriend for just over a year and a half.  He is a wonderful man and father to a nine-year old son. I am crazy about them both. I am a single mother to a two-year… Read more »

The Benefits of a Secure Attachment

Your early attachment to your primary caregivers (particularly mom) is one of the important elements setting the stage for your emotional and relationship health as an adult.  Your past truly does matter as the quality of your attachment to your parents/primary caregivers often directly… Read more »

11 Secrets of Happy Couples

When you see the words, “happy couples” what comes up for you?  You probably know a few of them.  They may be friends of yours or a couple you’re aquainted with – and they always seem to be happy.  What’s… Read more »

5 Tips to Practice Self Care in your Relationships

It’s just as important to take care of yourself while in a relationship – as tending to the relationship itself.  The same thing goes for your friendships, family and others in your inner circle.  To be the best you can… Read more »

Ask Lisa: I broke up, wanted him back – and now I’ve been replaced!

I loved a man intensely, later in life (I am heading into my 40’s). To be honest, he was my first boyfriend.  We loved each other a lot, but broke up for various reasons. I initiated it, but 2 months later… Read more »