Calling Out for a Circle of Love

There are no treatment options left.

This is what an old high school friend of mine and her 19 year old daughter Randi heard from doctors this past April. Randi’s 3 year battle was over.

Nearing the end of high school, Randi was poised to attend Fordham University.  An honor student, her hard work had awarded her opportunities to attend a number of respectable universities.  She and her mother Sarah, a single mom who had also worked hard to set the stage for her daughter to thrive, were thrilled.  One day, severe abdominal pain sent Randi to seek medical attention.  What was initially suspected to be an appendicitis, was actually stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

Sarah quit her job at UC Berkeley and she and her daughter moved to be near UC Davis and oncologists who would perform multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.  Their personal savings was exhausted and they started to rely on the heartfelt donations of family and friends to help them them not only continue the fight, but have a place to stay, eat and live.  

This past April they learned the fight was over with tiny tumors continuing to grow and more chemo no longer an option.

The doctors have told Randi to live her life this point forward.  Her wish is to continue to pursue her dream.  After deferring her admission to Fordham for three years, she would like to go to New York to experience college life.

Help is needed to make her dream a reality.

Like you, I often see people’s heartfelt pleas for financial assistance for a myriad of devastating circumstances.  And like you, I’ve given to some of these causes.  Clearly we can’t give to all but if the request is not made, then nothing happens.  I believe we as human beings are inherently compassionate people.

My site, has been a resource for people all over the world seeking education and resources related to emotional and relationship health.  A frequent topic is love.  I’ve never reached out to my audience in this way but I am now.

After observing the painful struggle that these two women have endured together, with hope rising and falling like a wave, seeing a mother (like me) doing all in her power to save her daughter including exhausting every last resource available and ultimately preparing to lose the battle they have waged, there was no other choice for me other than to ask YOU:

Will you help me form a circle of love around Sarah and her terminally ill daughter Randi?

*When I sent this piece to Randi’s mom Sarah for fact checking and approval to post, she sent back the following note regarding their most current state of affairs.  Things have clearly gotten more difficult.

“The additional information is we are looking for a place to stay.  We have been homeless…from almost the beginning of this journey. It has affected us in varying ways.. We’ve lost the majority of our belongings in storage ( other bills became more urgent and could not get back enough money in time to pay up my storage). Now it’s difficult to maneuver because we are not stable and that is keeping Randi in a depressed mood. Our own family  has often worked against us to the point where we’ve had to use monies for hotels and such. Randi I are wavering on school due to this.  So that’s been the struggle up to date.”

Any donation you can offer will clearly be another pebble or rock to create stability and comfort in which to support Sarah and Randi as they continue down their path.  Hopefully, it will also help to grant Randi’s last wish.  ANY amount truly appreciated.

A fundraiser for Randi Alexander has been set up via  The previous link will take you to her page.

Thank you.

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT is the creator of with tools for emotional and relationship health and is the author of Therapy-At-Home Workbooks® for individuals and couples. She is a frequent consultant for the media having appeared in,, and others. Lisa has a private practice in Marin County, CA and offers online therapy to residents of California.

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