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Family of origin work therapy can provide a road map and tools to emotional and relationship growth by helping you:

  • Identify what’s not working for you.
  • Understand why and the connection to your past.
  • Resolve your issues by changing your story and doing things differently.

Start exploring this now on your own with Family of Origin Work: Untangle Your Unhealthy Roots. A stand-alone tool or starting point ahead of therapy.

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Do One Scary Thing a Day

Linda Graham, MFT looks at the benefits of doing something scary every day which can build the brain’s capacity for resilience. […]

Linda Graham, MFT
Linda Graham, MFT

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How Can Love and Life Toolbox Help?

Here you will find a vast library of articles, tips and tools by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT and other therapy professionals. She also has emotional and relationship health products for those who aren’t ready for therapy but would like education from a practicing individual and couples therapist. You can also Ask Lisa a specific question to receive a Consultation service.

In 2005, Lisa was one of the first therapists nationally to take her knowledge online. is now a well-established and trusted emotional health and relationships resource for people worldwide.

She has received support for from well-known experts in the therapy field including Rick Hanson, PhD and Linda Graham, MFT, as well as the founder of PsychCentral, John Grohol, PhD.

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