Ask Lisa

Quick feedback on your emotional health or relationship question.

Educational plan suggestion to manage your stress, anxiety, worry and/or a relationship issue.

A Consultation with Lisa can help you:

  • Get clarity.
  • Feel supported.
  • Make an action plan.


How can I get over my spouse’s infidelity? * How can I manage my anger better in my relationship?  * My spouse is drinking too much, what do I do? * How do I express frustration to my partner productively? …




Emotional Health 

How can I better manage my stress? * How do I deal with the worry I feel about the impact of COVID-19?  * How do I forgive? *  How can I develop better coping tools to show up better for the people I love? …




A Consultation is:

  • Educational.
  • Advice and action oriented.
  • A one time service.

A Consultation is NOT:

  • Psychotherapy.
  • A venue to report abuse, threats to safety or other psychological crisis.
  • A service to seek legal advice.

Choose from the following 3 service options to fit your needs:

  • 1 Email Exchange             $20.00   
    • Lisa’s single response includes thorough feedback and suggested plan of action.
    • Ideal for someone who has a straight forward question.
  • 2 Email Exchanges          $40.00    
    • Two exchanges with Lisa to fully understand the situation, give feedback and suggested plan of action.
    • Ideal for someone whose situation is a bit more complex.
  • 25 Minute Phone or Video Conference Consultation             $80.00     
    • Direct, real time communication to articulate your question, allowing for more free flowing exchange of thoughts.
    • Ideal for someone who prefers verbal communication and/or whose situation requires more discussion.

Easy 2-Step Process:

  1. To request a Consultation select this Consultation Contact Form.
  2. If service and scheduling is agreed upon, select Make Payment.

*You must be approved to receive this Consultation service, please do not skip step 1.

If therapy is a better fit for your needs than a one time educational consultation and you reside in the state of California, learn about my telehealth practice at

For those out of California, check out the Psychology Today Therapist Directory.