Have a Relationship or Emotional Health Question?

Get quick feedback on your most pressing emotional health or relationship questions.  Therapist and creator of, Lisa Brookes Kift, will answer your questions via Email, Phone or Video Conference to help you get back on track.

A Consultation with Lisa can help you:

  • Identify your needs.
  • Get clarity on your situation.
  • Create an action plan to confidently move ahead.


How can I save my relationship? * How do I make a long distance relationship work? * How do I feel less alone in my relationship? * How can I communicate better with my partner? * How do I break up with my partner without hurting them? …



Emotional Health 

How do I find better life balance? * How do I decrease my stress? * How can I be more emotionally healthy? * How can I practice better self-care? * How can I set better boundaries in my life? * How can I live more authentically? … 




A Consultation is NOT:

  • Psychotherapy.  Lisa will not analyze your family of origin, unpack emotional  wounds or look for the roots of your emotional issues.
  • A venue to report abuse, threats to safety or work through psychological crisis.
  • A service to seek legal advice.

Choose from the Following 3 Services to fit your needs and budget:

  • 1 Email Exchange            $20.00
    • Lisa’s single response includes thorough feedback and suggested plan of action.
    • Ideal for someone who has a straight forward question.
  • 2 Email Exchanges          $40.00
    • Two exchanges with Lisa to fully understand the situation, give feedback and suggested plan of action.
    • Ideal for someone whose situation is more complex.
  • 25 Minute Phone or Video Conference Consultation            $80.00
    • Direct, real time communication to articulate your question, allowing for more free flowing exchange of thoughts.
    • Ideal for someone who prefers verbal communication and/or whose situation is more complex.

The 2 Step Process:

  1. To request a Consultation select this Consultation Contact Form.*
  2. If service and scheduling is agreed upon, select Make Payment.

*You must be approved to receive this Consultation service, please do not skip step 1.