Emotional Safety and Your Relationship

Richard Nicastro, PhD looks at the role of emotional safety in secure relationships and steps that can be taken to create it.  When emotional security is lacking… “Over the last year we’ve had so many ugly fights that I just… Read more »

The Problem with Holding Onto Hurt Feelings in Your Relationship

An ideal relationship is one where there are two lines of open communication, where both feel safe to “be” and there are no “monsters” lurking under the radar.  One type of relationship monster is one that is born out of… Read more »

Parenting: Look, Listen and Learn to Get a Handle on Child Misbehavior

Dr. Lynne Kenney, Psy.D. and author of “The Family Coach Method” shares some advice on how to be a “behavior detective” and improve behavioral issues with your children at home. The Challenge: In the next 48 hours, consider a moment… Read more »

Marriage: Decrease Your Arguments at the Source

Why do couples argue?  Sure, there are the issues about money, sex, parenting and other commonly discussed topics.  It’s not about stopping arguments as research has actually shown that couples who argue effectively are in better shape than those who… Read more »

Ways Couples Hide from Intimacy

Richard Nicastro, PhD explores the sneaky but effective ways couples can hide from intimacy. Emotional intimacy isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes courage and faith to open your heart to another, to let down your guard and take… Read more »

Make a Mistake in Your Relationship? Follow These Two Steps

We would not be human if we didn’t make mistakes.  In a relationship, when two people are navigating the complexities of each others feelings (as well as their own), mistakes are inevitable.  How many times in life, at work, with… Read more »

Happy Marriage? Get Back to the Basics

Happy marriages require some amount of effort to stay that way.  Those who believe their relationship can sustain the dizzying highs of their honeymoon phase early tend to be disappointed when life gets in the way.  We are born wired… Read more »

Men, Why Empathy in Relationships Matters and How you Can Step it Up

An article in ScienceDaily.com is titled, “Women Happier in Relationships Where Men Feel Their Pain.”  Those of us in the field of relationship therapy have known that empathy is a cornerstone of a healthy, connected relationship.  However, men and women actually… Read more »

Extreme, Everyday Love

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW, looks at ways couples can boost their relationship happiness and intimacy by incorporating daily habits into their lives. A relationship is like a plant: it needs regular attention to stay healthy. Does your plant have enough… Read more »

In the End, Your Relationships Truly Matter

I was deeply moved by a piece I stumbled upon on CNN’s Belief Blog called, What people talk about when they die.   As a psychotherapist for individuals and couples – as well as a writer about topics related to emotional and relationship… Read more »