How to Heal from Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most challenging issues a couple can face. The depth of pain experienced by the partner who was cheated on can be excruciating. For those who are not able to move past this transgression, it can… Read more »

Couples Conflict: Stop Blaming Your Partner and Own Your Role

“If she didn’t act like such a brat I wouldn’t blow up!” I hear this kind of statement in my couples counseling practice a lot – and I understand how easy it is for people to slip into blaming their… Read more »

How to Manage Difficult Emotions in Your Relationship

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Emotional Health and Friendship Quality

Because emotional health and relationship health are so intertwined it’s important to take stock of who you’re surrounding yourself with.  Aside from your intimate partnerships, who are your friends?  Are they people who support and lift you up?  Or are they… Read more »

Singlehood: How to Prepare and be Ready for Your Next Relationship

Single-hood creates the time so you can prepare for the next relationship, get to know yourself, and get to a good place. Get Educated: Get educated on positive communication and how to handle conflict.  Be prepared so you will be… Read more »

Money Conflict in Marriage / Relationships

There are a number of common issues that come up for people in their relationships / marriages – and a big one is money.  Attitudes and meanings attached to “money” differ and typically originate from family of origin experiences as… Read more »

Ask Lisa: I Ruined my Relationship out of Fear

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. I realized it’s because I fought him constantly for petty things because of issues that I’ve realized stemmed from my past. And every time I fought him I’ve noticed he pulls back and… Read more »

25 Steps to a Securely Attached, Amazing Relationship

Relationships are important to all of us.  Humans thrive on relationships.  Intimate partnerships are even more important because they are considered adult attachment relationships, where there’s a similar need for safety, security and connection, as there was when you were… Read more »

Are You in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship?

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5 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Marriage

A happy and healthy marriage is one of the most rewarding experiences people can have.  We are born into this world seeking to attach and bond with others so it makes sense that a quality connection can be such a… Read more »