Valentines Day: 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Cared For

With Valentines Day approaching, many couples are considering ways to demonstrate their love and affection for each other.  What meaning do you attach to Valentines Day?  What are your expectations?  I subscribe to the notion that it’s less about “quantity” and more about “quality.”  It’s about putting a smile on your sweetie’s face, about making them feel loved by you.  Sometimes people can get really caught up in the hype of expectations around gifts and money spent.  Is love really defined by money?  I think not.

There are many simple and sweet ways you can show your partner you care about them – and they don’t have to break your piggy bank.  Valentines Day is also an opportunity to get creative!

Here are 8 simple ways to make your partner feel cared for on Valentines Day:

  • Prepare a stay-at-home picnic surprise complete with blanket on the floor.  Leave a trail of candy hearts leading your honey to the spot.
  • Buy a package of kid Valentines, like the ones you probably passed out in 1st grade and leave them in secret places to be discovered throughout the day.
  • Write a love letter to your sweetie – by hand.  This will demonstrate extra effort make and care for them.  Put it in an envelope and stuff it with chocolate hearts in red foil.
  • Being that this year Valentines Day is on a Monday, send your mate a loving text at work telling them one thing you love about them.
  • Draw a bath for your overworked partner complete with sweet smelling soapy items, bubbles and other treats.  This might be a good place for the candy heart trail as well.
  • If weather permits, take a walk or hike together to a place neither of you have been so you can discover it together.
  • Buy a mini journal with blank pages.  On each page write down all the things you love about them.  Date it for a keepsake.
  • If kids will be around, make it a Valentines Day family affair with a special dinner beginning with everyone saying things they love about everyone else in the family.

If you have the means and desire to “go big” and make it a high impact, expensive event – that’s great too.  Just remember that there are many ways, big and small, to show your love.