Therapy-At-Home Workbooks Affiliate Program


Therapy-At-Home Workbooks®  is a cost effective, do-it-yourself, therapist-guided alternative to counseling,  a line of downloadable e-books (and coming soon, Therapy-At-Home Mini Guides for Individuals!)

NEW:  I’m now offering mini guides for individuals wanting to “think like a therapist” to resolve some of their own issues.

Therapy-At-Home Workbooks® have been purchased all over the world – the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, Taiwan, India, Ireland, Australia  and others.

Therapy-At-Home Workbooks Affiliate ProgramI offer an affiliate program for those interested in developing additional passive income streams.  Affiliate programs offer the option for people to promote products they believe in and receive a commission for doing so.

In the therapy field, there has been a paradigm shift in how we as therapists see our businesses.  There are many opportunities to get involved in this way with others…it’s the wave of the present and future for the business savvy therapist.



Therapy-At-Home Workbooks® Affiliate Program 411:

To sign up follow these simple instructions:

  • Go here to create an account at (the site that manages and delivers my digital products).
  • In the Affiliate Admin screen, under “Manage Your Affiliate Account” select “Get Affiliate Code”
  • Under “Product Specific Affiliate Links” select desired workbook (though you will automatically be affiliated with others by your special code in case you want to promote more than one…the link will take the buyer to my sales page for all of the workbooks).
  • Select “Get Affiliate Code”
  • Copy and paste provided link for workbook in any place you want to refer people from.  It will redirect to my site but you will be credited if a sale is made because of your unique code.  Even if person doesn’t buy right away, the tracking is in effect for 6 months.
  • If somebody purchases a workbook via your link, they receive a link to download the workbook
  • I pay affiliates at the beginning of the month for the month prior via Paypal transfer (you have to set up a Paypal account to receive payment from mine).
  • If desired, copy and paste image of relevant workbook cover(s) from my page to use on your site along with any sales text, within a relevant article or whatever you feel appropriate.

If you join my Therapy-At-Home Workbooks Affiliate program, you will be signed up for my new Therapy-At-Home Affiliate Newsletter, with very occasional contacts by me to update the affiliate community on what’s new!  

I do this because the newsletter is my communication route for this group.  At any time there is a place to safely unsubscribe if you decide it’s not for you.

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