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E-Mail (one response back) $20
E-Mail Consultation (two times back and forth) $40
25 Minute Phone Consultation $80
50 Minute Skype Consultation $160

Lisa Brookes Kift, Creator of, has answered hundreds of emails from people all over the world feeling stuck in their relationships.  She now offers Relationship Consultations for those seeking relationship advice for a specific question or topic.

A Relationship Consultation can address the following concerns:

How can I communicate better with my partner?  *  How do I get over my relationship?

How do I feel less alone in my relationship?  *  How can I save my relationship?

What can I do if my partner drinks too much?  * How do I make a long distance relationship work?

How can I improve my unhealthy relationship?  *  How do I know if my relationship is over?

Additionally, it can help you:

  • Get clarity around your situation for optimal decision making.
  • Identify your needs and what’s most important to you.
  • Learn communication skills, emotional regulation techniques and other tools.
  • Create a plan to move forward.

A Relationship Consultation is NOT:

  • Psychotherapy.  Lisa will not analyze your family of origin, unpack emotional wounds wounds, shed light onto what motivates your behavior nor will she view you through a diagnostic lens.
  • A venue to report abuse, threats to safety or work through psychological crisis.
  • A service to seek legal advice.

Options and Fees:

There are 4 communication modes / price points to choose from:

  • E-Mail (one response back)                $20.00
  • E-Mail (two times back and forth)    $40.00
  • 25 Minute Phone Consultation          $80.00
  • 50 Minute Skype Consultation          $160.00

The Process:

  • Select “Consultation” on the Contact Form to briefly state your relationship issue and question.  In the subject line, state your desired mode of communication (Skype, Phone or E-mail).
  • Lisa will respond via E-mail.
  • If scheduling is agreed upon, submit payment via appropriate Paypal button on this page (please do not submit payment before this point).
  • You will receive a consent form to fill out and return before the scheduled Consultation.

Please Note:

Lisa reserves the right to determine appropriate fit for this service.  If warranted, therapy referrals will be given.