Happiness, Your Relationship to Self and Your Relationship to Others

If someone could figure out how to bottle “happiness” they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams.  As much as happiness is natural for some, it’s not for others.  Those fortunate enough to consider themselves generally “happy” often don’t realize… Read more »

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at why beating yourself up is so unhelpful and ways to avoid it. Most people know their less than wonderful qualities, such as too much ambition (or too little), a weakness for wine or cookies, something… Read more »

People Speak on their Revelations about Gratitude

The topic of gratitude has been buzzing for some time fueled by research that’s demonstrated it’s power to not only improve happiness levels but strengthen social ties, boost self esteem, reduce stress and even resolve old traumas (see the work of Bob Emmons, PhD for more). The… Read more »

Steps to Identify Your Unhelpful Belief Systems

The core beliefs that you carry can be insidious in how they creep into your your perceptions about just about everything.  Do you struggle with anger, depression, anxiety, stress or recurring relationship problems and have the sense that it might have… Read more »

4 Ways to Build Emotional Resilience

Do you bounce back from challenging experiences?  Or do you get stuck, caught in a whirlwind of difficult emotions, feeling vulnerable, lost or out of control?  Emotional resilience is the ability to handle and adapt well to relationship problems, trauma, health problems,… Read more »

5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Face of Another’s Emotional Reactivity

I had an experience that tested my patience and challenged me to remain calm in the face of aggressive, critical words.  My initial instinct was to fight back, defend and point out the ways in which this person had totally missed… Read more »

Lower the Pressure

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at stress management from a neuroscience perspective and how we can “lower the pressure” we put on ourselves. Why? Things come at us with so much urgency and demand these days. Phones ring, texts buzz, emails… Read more »

6 Ways to Stop Worrying About the Small Stuff

As much as worry, fear and anxiety have a way of making us believe we have been brought to our knees, much of the worry, fear and anxiety we feel is ultimately not really about life changing, catastrophic things –… Read more »

Pet the Lizard

Rick Hanson, PhD takes a playful look at how we all can benefit from “petting our inner iguana” to calm our brains – and reduce fear, anxiety and trauma.   I’ve always liked lizards. Growing up in the outskirts of… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

In The Impact of Gratitude on Health and Well-Being, Linda Graham, MFT offered a lot of practical benefits for people who practice gratitude daily.  Here she looks more deeply at the neuroscience of gratitude.  How does gratitude impact the brain? MRI imaging… Read more »