Disempower Your Shame

Shame is sneaky.  It lurks in the shadows.  Shame is secretive and compelling in it’s ability to impact the way you feel about yourself at the very core.  But in your creativity and wisdom you have learned to deploy defense… Read more »

Happiness and Life Meaning: Both Important to Well-Being

Linda Graham, MFT looks at the power of life meaning, perhaps even over happiness.  She offers an exercise in which to invite both to foster resilience and well-being.  Research was recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology that discovered… Read more »

Rest in Center

Rick Hanson, PhD takes a look at the experience of being “all over the place” and how to get centered.  He encourages you to seek your wisdom, especially in the face of fear, anxiety and self doubt. Gravity and entropy are powerful processes… Read more »

I’m a Daily Struggling Someone, Not a Recovering Anybody

The discussion of male sexual abuse is slowly moving out of the shadows.  The following piece is by a male victim of sexual abuse by both of his parents and others beginning early in his life.  He is writing a… Read more »

Deeper Level Change in Individual Therapy

People come to therapy with varying expectations about the process and the tie that binds them is an awareness that something isn’t working for them as they are in distress emotionally and/or in their relationships. I see my role as witness,… Read more »

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

Craig Harper, a leading coach in Australia with a direct, wry and authentic writing style, compares the choices people make in their thinking and behaviors to the choices they make in what they put into their bodies. Like your body,… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for a Therapist

Many believe that therapists must get everything right in their lives.  They should have great relationships and are happy most of the time.  If we make our living guiding others towards emotional and relationship health fulfillment, surely we have it… Read more »

Ouch! How to Deal with Rejection

Margie Ulbrick, an Australian relationship counselor, takes the sting out of rejection by providing useful tools to more effectively move through this common experience. Rejection is a universally human experience.  We all at some level know the pain of rejection…. Read more »

Is it hard? Accept difficulty.

Rick Hanson, PhD explores how peace can be more easily acquired if one learns to accept the challenges of life rather than be caught up in annoyance.  He offers a number of ways to be better at handling the hard… Read more »

6 Ways to Improve Your Mood Today

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW provides some excellent tools and practices to help boost your happiness every day. You don’t need a life makeover to experience more happiness. By putting a few simple habits in place, you will increase your happiness… Read more »