6 Ways to Get the Most of Being Single This Summer

If you are wishing you were in a relationship, the summertime can be a downer lamenting the fact you don’t have a romantic partner to enjoy it with.  Rather than dwell on the negative of your situation I suggest you entertain a different perspective and positive reframe of being single.

As many great aspects there are to being coupled up, there are some benefits to not having to worry about a partner when it comes to things you’d like to do and time spent making YOU happy.  If there’s ever a time to celebrate and enjoy the things you want to do, this is it.  Seize the opportunity!

Here are 6 ways to get the most out of being single this summer:

  1. Plan a long trip with a friend or family member.  If you can’t swing an extensive absence, book up a number of your weekends with fun getaways that fit your budget.
  2. Awaken your sense of curiousity by exploring your area in a way you never have.  Go to shops, hiking trails, museums, parks or cafes you’ve never seen.  If you live in a big city, pull out a map,close your eyes and drop your finger onto a neighborhood – and check it out!
  3. Take a few classes on a subject matter that interests you like painting, drawing, metal art, jewelry making, a foreign language or anything you’ve always wanted to do – but haven’t done yet.
  4. Go out and hit the town with a pack of your guy friends – or girl friends.  Live it up, play, flirt or simply enjoy each other’s company with no agenda.
  5. Join meet-up groups in your area with with shared interests – or start your own group!
  6. Feel great by volunteering your time to a local non-profit organization.  Studies have shown that giving can improve your self-esteem and enhance the immune system.

Being single means more time to assign to whatever you want.  Now go have a great summer!