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Audio Mental Training: Fulfilling Relationships (10% off)

All of us being born wired to connect to others, we seek emotional safety in our relationships, particularly in our intimate connections.  Some people feel loved when they hear words of encouragements; others need to see a demonstration of love, such as gifts, others need to feel love, in the form of hugs.

The ability to give and receive loves stems from your relationship with yourself, the feedback you received from important people in your life early in your family of origin wounds and other life traumas.  All of these can impact how you view yourself, whether you believe you deserve love or if love is even possible.

Your brain might need help opening your heart to love.

Audio Mental Training:  Fulfilling Relationships, is a multi-faceted brainwave entrainment technology that combines meditation techniques, positive subliminal reprogramming with harmonically layered binaural beat frequencies and isochronic tones that supports the transformation in your relationship to self and others.  It is created by Anne Baritchi, an ICF Certified Coach and NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis Trainer in Queensland, Australia.

You can choose between daytime and sleep learning trainings, or do both.  The Audio Mental Training programs use sound to directly affect the brain through a complex neural process called brain entrainment.  Learn more about this, brainwave frequencies and other research supporting their program, providing an interesting and unique way to get unstuck in relationship obstacles that might stem from you!

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Aside from their Fulfilling Relationships training, they offer mental trainings addressing other issues like peak performance and optimal health.