Marin Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling (Marin County, CA)

Marin Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling (Marin County, CA)

Lisa Brookes Kift is a licensed therapist (MFT), with a private practice doing individual therapy and couples counseling in downtown Larkspur, Marin County, CA, just north Marin County, CA.of San Francisco.

Some of Lisa’s areas of interest:

  • couples communication
  • anxiety
  • infidelity
  • trauma
  • premarital counseling
  • resentment
  • stress management
  • emotional safety
  • healthy boundaries
  • anger management
  • family of origin work

Learn more about the different areas of Lisa’s practice below:

Marin Individual Therapy

Marin Couples / Marriage Counseling

Marin Premarital Counseling and Education

California Online Therapy and Counseling

Lisa’s Consultation Service

The latest addition to Lisa’s services are for those located anywhere in the US or world who are not seeking psychotherapy but rather have specific emotional health or relationship questions.

These brief, educational Consultations provide feedback and a suggested plan of action.  They are provided via email, phone or video conference, at different price points depending on your need.  (*Consultations are not psychotherapy.)

Learn more about her Emotional Health and Relationship Consultations.

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