The Role Of Your Prior Experiences

Maybe things are starting to make some sense.  And if not, that’s ok too but if the case, consider bringing the notes you have to a trained therapist to help!  You are possibly becoming more aware of wounds from childhood and/or your family of origin. Maybe you’re developing a sense of the type of person you’ve been attracted to, how that came to be as well as your involvement in the unhealthy cycles between you.

The bottom line is that you are also your history.  Your experiences matter, whether for the good or bad.  Neuroscience has taught us that from the time of infancy, your brain was learning and wiring itself based on the input it received.  This learning goes on throughout the life span but the earliest years are most formative.  If you had a secure and loving nest then it’s probably more likely the way you see yourself, others and the world is more positive.  If you had challenges and negative feedback, you may have a stronger negativity bias.  Your wounds, especially with people who were tasked with caring for you and modeling healthy relationships, can very easily impede healthy intimate relationships as an adult.  This is what we’ve been exploring.