The Role Of Your Belief Systems

What follows experience is a story made up about the experience.  Your core beliefs are crucial to how you move around within yourself and the world.  Often what happens with bad experience is a negative belief, especially for younger children who don’t have the cognitive brain development yet to make rational sense of things.  They tend to make everything about them.  For example, if dad was unavailable because he was more attached to alcohol, a child might make up a story that dad doesn’t love him/her and maybe even that he/she is not lovable.  The child has a mistaken core belief that he takes with him into adulthood!

What if that young child as an adult understood that it’s not true?  Actually, he/she was always lovable and dad’s bad choices were just that.  Dad’s bad choices.  It can be life changing when people shift their unhealthy but deeply held belief systems.

Now that there is some new awareness, connections being made and maybe even an openness to shifting unhelpful narratives, it’s time to look at how things would be for you, IDEALLY.