Thank you for your interest in my course, Break Your Unhealthy Relationship Patterns, a guide to help you stop getting into bad relationships.

My name is Lisa Brookes Kift.  I am a practicing licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, who has helped hundreds of individuals and couples get unstuck in my private practice.   My online mini courses are designed to provide a practical, clear and efficient roadmap to understand, identify and resolve some of the common emotional health and relationship concerns people have. The courses are not to be considered a replacement to therapy.  Some of you may find them enough to reach your goals and others might want to use them as a supplement to other self improvement work you are doing.

Break Your Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

The goal:

To shift your unhealthy relationship patterns to healthy relationship choices.

The process:

In this mini course, you will experience a similar line of questioning as if we were working together.  I will challenge you to be introspective and honest as you get clarity around who you are, understand what’s motivated your behavior and offer guidance to help implement positive change.

The plan:

  • Identify the existence of troubling and painful relationship patterns.
  • Understand the roots of why this has happened.
  • Change your pattern leading to healthier and more satisfying relationships.


As you take this course, keep a notebook or journal handy for notes, reflections and any “aha” moments that come up.  Your notes can serve as reminders about what you are learning, your vulnerabilities and where further exploration may be beneficial.  There will be prompts to make use of your journal throughout.

Additional Resources:

When you complete the course, you will be provided with relevant articles, books and other tools to dig more deeply into the topics that interest you.