Belief Systems Or Narratives You Carry About Relationships

Your story is unique to you. It can be told by stringing factual data points along a timeline, but what’s more important are your perceptions about the lessons you learned (witnessed or experienced) about relationships. Were the lessons happy and loving? Unpredictable? Violent and scary? Did you learn to trust relationships or assume people would leave? These are just a few things to consider in understanding what your beliefs are now and how they might be involved in the relationship patterns you’d like to break.

Understanding the lens in which you view life is not only relevant to your relationships but your sense of self.  Do you believe you are a good person?  Lovable?  Worth it?  Often people who received highly negative feedback internalized it, becoming twisted into the sense of self like a weed in your garden.

To feel the best about who you are in relationship and what you deserve, it’s important to unpack your narrative and maybe even rewrite it.

The following Assessment will help you uncover your belief systems.  If you are bothered by what comes up, keep in mind that core beliefs can be changed.  People are malleable, resilient, can heal and even rewire their brains!