Understand Why the Pattern Exists

Why have made unhealthy relationship choices up to now?

You’ve been exploring what unhealthy relationship patterns can look like and where these patterns might originate. The next step is to UNDERSTAND why you’ve made some of the relationship choices you have.

Children are skilled at finding ways to make the best of their surroundings, no matter how challenging. What we’re looking at are how your belief systems were woven into your relationship patterns.  Your “story” or core beliefs are connected to how you see the world and assumptions about how others will respond to you.  Sometimes these misunderstandings can lead to skewed perceptions about about how things will be for you.

Positive and/or healthy belief systems often support positive momentum through life in that you expect things will generally work out.  Negative and/or unhealthy belief systems can not only be at the root of poor self concept, fear and anxiety but also guide unhelpful decisions.