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    I’m curious to know of the 8 pillars I presented, which ones do you feel you need the more focus on in your life? As a reminder, here they are:

    1 – Know thyself
    2 – Build a self-care toolbox.
    3 – Assess your boundaries.
    4 – Develop a relationship with your inner critic.
    5 – Practice self-compassion.
    6 – Bring mindfulness into your life.
    7 – Draft your support team.
    8 – Maintain a growth mindset.

    For me the ones that stand out the most as far as deeper level growth are “Know thyself” and “Develop a relationship with your inner critic.” They are both at the heart of many of the others. In my therapy work with clients, these are about the deeper level change. For example, if you are able to relate better to your inner critic, you’ll be able to more successfully practice self-compassion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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