The First Session of Individual Therapy: What to Expect

Have you ever been in counseling or therapy?  Many people come in for the first time with a host of incorrect assumptions about the process and many times, fear, especially for those who may have very negative ideas attached to what… Read more »

Inner Child Work in Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can provide a powerful medium to do the deeper work required to help people who are stuck in the past and struggling to thrive in the present.  “Inner child work” is one avenue for this where the therapist… Read more »

The Biggest Myth of Therapy

If you’re considering seeing a therapist, it’s important to go in as educated as possible around what you can expect – and with some awareness of what therapy will NOT do for you.  As much as psychotherapy has moved into the realm of… Read more »

8 Reasons You Might Benefit from Family of Origin Style Psychotherapy

Family of origin style psychotherapy (or “family of origin work” as it’s often referred to) is rooted in how the past negatively impacts the present – and the future. The idea is that sometimes people get stuck in old, unhelpful belief… Read more »

4 Reasons to Consider Group Therapy

Group therapy often gets overlooked by people as a viable option for help for a number of issues. The reality is that group therapy can a great alternative to individual therapy (and even couples counseling) for a number of reasons:… Read more »

Has Your Therapist Had Therapy?

Finding the right therapist is serious business.  Considering the financial and emotional investment, it’s in your best interest to do your due diligence when making such an important decision.  People have different priority lists including cost, location, education, gender and… Read more »