Finding Your Healthy Self to Find a Healthy Other

Relationship Coach, Jenna Ponaman, shares her personal story of finding self-acceptance and authenticity within herself to be open (and finding), the best possible partner for her. Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you try so hard to… Read more »

The Ultimate Romance Win

Depression sneaks up on a woman and seeps into a marriage.  This is a true story told from her husband’s perspective.  He shares the journey and one of their early victories as she started to get the upper hand on her… Read more »

Being Compassionate and Rescuing: Knowing the Difference

Jennifer Lehr, MFT takes an honest look at her personal experience in a rescuer role in a relationship with a drug addicted partner.  She learns to reclaim  her own life after discovering and working with the part of her that… Read more »

A Husband Speaks: A Tale of Depression and Love

A husband writes anonymously about the struggles around his wife’s sudden onset of mental illness. In the summer of 2009, my wife and I were making plans for having our first child. We started dating as high school freshmen, and in our… Read more »

A Holiday Message to Parents Everywhere: What Your Kids Want the Most

I noticed initially this was an ad for Ikea but quickly forgot all about that as I became transfixed with this experiment involving Spanish children and their parents captured on video, writing letters to the “Three Kings” (equivalent to Santa… Read more »

A Story About Breakup Etiquette

A reader submitted the following tale to the Real Stories section of  She shares her creative response to an ex-boyfriend’s plan to breakup with her.  He likely thought his setup would stifle a potential emotional response from her…boy was… Read more »

In Marriage, It’s Hugs Before Business

Keith Miller, LICSW shares an intimate look at his marriage to demonstrate a common occurrence for many couples; a focus on life logistics to the extent that one or both feel like a business partner.   The other day my wife seemed… Read more »

Staying Put after a Lifetime of Abandonment and Grand Exits

First you’re abandoned, then you live with an urge to flee. I have spent my entire life anxiously ready for things to fall apart.  My shoulders are never completely without tension, same for my eyes in their sockets.  There’s always… Read more »

Dad I Got

Rick Belden’s poetry is brave, raw, shocking – and real.  “Dad I Got,” speaks to the conflicted emotions around being a boy with an abusive, emotionally absent father. Dad I Got by Rick Belden he works five six seven days… Read more »