17 Must-Have Conversations with Your Child

Life coach, Mark Chernoff, breaks down some important life truths that can shape how children view themselves and their place in the world.  Parents, no matter how old your child (or adult child), it’s never too late to help them integrate these… Read more »

Parenting: Keeping an Emotionally Healthy Attitude About Sports

The National Alliance for Sports recently reported that “70% of children drop out of organized sports by age 13.”  The reasons cited include injuries from overuse (specializing in one sport at too young of an age) and burnout, among others…. Read more »

A Holiday Message to Parents Everywhere: What Your Kids Want the Most

I noticed initially this was an ad for Ikea but quickly forgot all about that as I became transfixed with this experiment involving Spanish children and their parents captured on video, writing letters to the “Three Kings” (equivalent to Santa… Read more »

Improve Your Connections

How do you rate yourself as a partner?  A friend?  A parent?  Can you and those you care about benefit from improvement in the connections you have with them? Relationships are like a dance, a two-way street.  Like any system,… Read more »

Parenting a Teen? Get Familiar with Current Smartphone Trends

Uriah Guilford MFT, unpacks the realities of how teens are using their smartphones these days including a new “fear of missing out” phenomenon that can actually fuel stress and anxiety. If you are a parent of a teenager you know… Read more »

Empathy on Fire

I was recently a volunteer for Challenge Day at my local middle school, an anti-bullying program to build empathy, compassion and spark positive change in the kids who take part.  Little did I know how powerful this day would be… Read more »

Parenting: Look, Listen and Learn to Get a Handle on Child Misbehavior

Dr. Lynne Kenney, Psy.D. and author of “The Family Coach Method” shares some advice on how to be a “behavior detective” and improve behavioral issues with your children at home. The Challenge: In the next 48 hours, consider a moment… Read more »

In the End, Your Relationships Truly Matter

I was deeply moved by a piece I stumbled upon on CNN’s Belief Blog called, What people talk about when they die.   As a psychotherapist for individuals and couples – as well as a writer about topics related to emotional and relationship… Read more »

Parents, Do Your Children Know?

Much of  what shapes our beliefs about self, others and the world stem from the quality of attachment to parents and primary caregivers.  It impacts self-esteem and the secure base in which we learn to explore the world.  According to… Read more »

Teaching Teens about the Emotional Aspect of Intimate Relationships

We are all familiar with the public service announcements encouraging parents to talk to their children about drugs and alcohol, internet safety, and sex.  I even saw one recently about safe driving habits like not texting or eating behind the wheel. … Read more »