Ask the Therapist: I Ruined my Relationship out of Fear

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. I realized it’s because I fought him constantly for petty things because of issues that I’ve realized stemmed from my past. And every time I fought him I’ve noticed he pulls back and… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Handling a Relationship With Very Busy Partner

I am a 27 yr old professional in a new relationship (4 months) with a guy who just started a residency program which means he works about 80 hours a week, spends every 4th or 5th night at the hospital,… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My Boyfriend Gets Aggressive When Drunk

I have been in a relationship for almost 8 months. The relationship has been good when we’re together but he has always had trust issues with me whenever I’m seeing my friends or if I’m going out. Somehow I’ve just… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Issues of Privacy and Verbal Abuse

I’ve been dating J for 1 1/2 years. We recently moved in together, I’m 27 and he’s 31.  We’ve had a few issues over the past 6 months, mostly due to me not feeling like he gives me enough affection… Read more »

Marriage Advice: I’ve Been “Faking It” With My Husband

I’ve gotten myself into an extremely difficult situation, and any advice what so ever will be greatly appreciated.  I am 21 y/o and my husband and I have been married for two years now, and sexually active for three.  I… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Uncomfortable with my Boyfriend’s Relationship with his Female Friend

I’m 36, and I’ve been dating a 29 year old man for a year and a half now.  There are a lot of nuances that I don’t have time to recount, but my basic problem is this.  My boyfriend has… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My Boyfriend Lives With His Ex-Wife

My boyfriend is divorced eight years and lives an hour from me. We have been together two years. His ex-wife ran out of money and having no one he let her move in with him and their son but she… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Does Him Watching Porn Mean He’s Not Happy with Our Sex Life?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now and there is something that  I recently learned about him that is still bothering me. He looks at porn when I am gone for a few days. He… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Girlfriend added an attractive guy as a friend on Facebook

My girlfriend and I recently got back together and we have been working very hard at the  relationship, but I have a concern and do not know how to approach it with her. I was adding her as a friend… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: The Vibrator in the Marriage

My wife and I have been married for just over a year.  We rushed into it and were married after only dating for 4 months.  Anyway, as expected we had some adjusting to do and we ran into a few… Read more »