Time to Rethink What Thought You Knew About Romantic Relationships and Affairs

Esther Perel has an unmistakeable presence.  The Belgian speaker, therapist, author and TedX sweetheart has been challenging us all, including therapists like myself, to rethink our paradigms around romantic relationships and infidelity. Recently at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in DC,… Read more »

Obstacles to Forgiveness and How to Overcome Them

Linda Graham, MFT examines the challenges of letting go of wrongdoing by others and barriers that can block forgiveness. She offers ways to overcome these obstacles. Laurie and Jamie sat in my office a few months ago, locked in an… Read more »

10 Ways to Betray Your Relationship (Other Than Infidelity)

Intimate relationships thrive on emotional safety.  The more each partner feels they can turn towards each other, seek shelter in each other from the storms of life, the  greater the security. When I work with couples, I look for not… Read more »

Sex After an Affair

Dr Richard Nicastro, PhD A takes an in depth look at the impact of infidelity on post-affair sex.   The emotional fallout from an affair is extensive, and the healing process can be a long and bumpy road. Couples committed to… Read more »

4 “Must-Knows” for a Happy, Healthy and Connected Relationship

After attending the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington DC, I came away with some very important and research supported “tidbits” from some of the top thinkers in couples and relationship health.  If you are currently in a relationship, consider the following list and… Read more »

How to Heal from Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most challenging issues a couple can face. The depth of pain experienced by the partner who was cheated on can be excruciating. For those who are not able to move past this transgression, it can… Read more »

A Few Quick Tips on Infidelity

Infidelity is a challenging issue for couples to work through but not impossible.  There are a few really important elements to consider if you and your partner are struggling with this in your marriage – and both want to try to… Read more »