Lots of Friends Yet Still Feel Lonely?

Loneliness is an epidemic and research has shown that it can literally make you sick.  This is a topic close to my heart professionally as my therapy practice continues to be dotted with clients who don’t feel connected to others… Read more »

Improve Your Connections

How do you rate yourself as a partner?  A friend?  A parent?  Can you and those you care about benefit from improvement in the connections you have with them? Relationships are like a dance, a two-way street.  Like any system,… Read more »

Wired to Connect: Why We Can’t Live Without Love and Belonging

Linda Graham MFT looks at recent research in social neuroscience from the new book, Social:  Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect.  Not being connected socially is literally bad for your health. The need to connect goes back to being… Read more »

Obstacles to Forgiveness and How to Overcome Them

Linda Graham, MFT examines the challenges of letting go of wrongdoing by others and barriers that can block forgiveness. She offers ways to overcome these obstacles. Laurie and Jamie sat in my office a few months ago, locked in an… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Negotiating Positive Change in Your Relationships

Linda Graham, MFT looks at how to make relationship changes by more clearly seeing your role in the dynamic and better able to tolerate what you see.  She lights a path towards the goal of relational intelligence while rewiring your… Read more »

The Power of Emotional Presence in Relationships

Richard Nicastro, PhD deconstructs the skills of emotional presence and challenges couples to be self reflective around how they can be more attuned to each other, especially when it really counts.  Applicable to friendships, family and other important relationships. I… Read more »

In the End, Your Relationships Truly Matter

I was deeply moved by a piece I stumbled upon on CNN’s Belief Blog called, What people talk about when they die.   As a psychotherapist for individuals and couples – as well as a writer about topics related to emotional and relationship… Read more »

Have You Watered Your Relationship Garden?

As many of us prepare to gather our most important relationships together to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts on creating the best possible relationship between you and your partner.  For those of you who are currently… Read more »

Emotional Health and Friendship Quality

Because emotional health and relationship health are so intertwined it’s important to take stock of who you’re surrounding yourself with.  Aside from your intimate partnerships, who are your friends?  Are they people who support and lift you up?  Or are they… Read more »

The Power of Behavior in Relationships

From the time we are born, relationships are one of the most important things to all of us.  Consider how much infants need their parents or primary caregivers.  The need to attach to others is there from birth. Our behavior has the power to… Read more »