How to Sabotage Your Relationships by Not Owning Your Stuff

If you’re wondering why your relationships often go awry or seem more difficult than they should be, perhaps it’s time to consider your role in this.  Ouch, “I have a role?”  Yes, you just might.  And some of it might… Read more »

When Pain Masquerades as Crazy in Relationships

“Crazy” relationship behavior might not be what you think.  If you really care about your partner but are being put off by his/her behavior, consider the possibility there’s more there than meets the eye. I don’t like using the word… Read more »

Your Early Relationship with Mom and Your Intimate Adult Relationships

“The ability to trust, love, and resolve conflict with loved ones starts in childhood — way earlier than you may think. That is one message of a review of the literature in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal published by… Read more »

Emotional Wounds: Ways They Can Show Up in Your Relationship

Do you believe things that happened in your past can impact how you function in your relationships?  If you don’t, you’re not alone.  Being a therapist who works with individuals and couples, I’ve heard countless time, “The past is done.  There’s no… Read more »

The Benefits of a Secure Attachment

Your early attachment to your primary caregivers (particularly mom) is one of the important elements setting the stage for your emotional and relationship health as an adult.  Your past truly does matter as the quality of your attachment to your parents/primary caregivers often directly… Read more »

4 “Must-Knows” for a Happy, Healthy and Connected Relationship

After attending the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington DC, I came away with some very important and research supported “tidbits” from some of the top thinkers in couples and relationship health.  If you are currently in a relationship, consider the following list and… Read more »

Thriving in Relationships Despite a Painful Past

Making love last is a concern for anybody with a relationship history that has included disappointment, pain and loss. How do we do it differently the next time around? What starts for so many as a blissful connected loving state… Read more »

The Power of Behavior in Relationships

From the time we are born, relationships are one of the most important things to all of us.  Consider how much infants need their parents or primary caregivers.  The need to attach to others is there from birth. Our behavior has the power to… Read more »