Borderline Personality Disorder: A Survivor’s Story

A powerful story of a woman’s struggle with borderline personality disorder.  Amy courageously unpacks her story and delivers a message of hope.  I was a very emotional child.  I always wore my feelings on my sleeve, face and everyone around… Read more »

Learning to Cope, Living with Hope….Life with BPD

This is a follow up to Borderline Personality Disorder: A Survivor’s Story, written by Amy Allison for in 2009.   Amy shares how things been since that time; challenges, triumphs and her ongoing personal work. I strongly encourage you to… Read more »

I Tried to Prove Myself to the World

Indhira Rojas is the founder of Anxy, a new magazine that de-stigmatizes emotional struggles and normalizes the fears we all have.  She shares the story behind starting Anxy, when she realized her feelings of worthlessness were driving her into the ground…. Read more »

Shame: You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets

Jennifer Lehr, MFT digs deep into her personal battle with shame and secret keeping.  As a therapist, she chooses to reveal so much of herself with the hope that others will benefit.  Unmasking shame is a very effective way to strip… Read more »

I’m a Daily Struggling Someone, Not a Recovering Anybody

The discussion of male sexual abuse is slowly moving out of the shadows.  The following piece is by a male victim of sexual abuse by both of his parents and others beginning early in his life.  He is writing a… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for a Therapist

Many believe that therapists must get everything right in their lives.  They should have great relationships and are happy most of the time.  If we make our living guiding others towards emotional and relationship health fulfillment, surely we have it… Read more »

People Speak on their Revelations about Gratitude

The topic of gratitude has been buzzing for some time fueled by research that’s demonstrated it’s power to not only improve happiness levels but strengthen social ties, boost self esteem, reduce stress and even resolve old traumas (see the work of Bob Emmons, PhD for more). The… Read more »

Recovered Memories of Childhood Abuse

Why are memories of abuse so often hidden? This is a really hard question for people in recovery from abuse, for therapists, and for researchers. In my case, I didn’t recognize one of my early childhood memories as a memory… Read more »

Mental Illness and Unconditional Love

Unconditional love lies at the heart of helping a loved one with mental health issues develop positive self-esteem. But as a society we are geared toward conditional love: in overt and subtle ways, we learn how to love on the… Read more »