Do Positive Experiences “Stick to Your Ribs?” Take in the Good.

Rick Hanson, PhD takes a look at how the brain’s negativity bias sets many of us up to struggle with allowing positive experiences to stick. Scientists believe that your brain has a built-in “negativity bias.” In other words, as we… Read more »

Self-Compassion Trumps Self-Esteem

“People who are compassionate toward their failings and imperfections experience greater well-being that those who repeatedly judge themselves. The feelings of security and net worth provided by self-compassion are also highly stable, kicking in precisely when self-esteem falls down.” This… Read more »

Tools for Resilience: Cultivating Self Compassion

Linda Graham, MFT explores the power of self compassion to increase resilience.   There are tools and techniques of “self-directed neuroplasticity” that will help you harness the capacities of your brain to rewire itself for greater resilience, lifelong – and… Read more »

How Positive Emotions Can Benefit You Starting Now

Linda Graham, MFT, breaks down of the research-backed benefits of positive emotions; what they are and how they can help you. Our response to any emotion can become a gateway to resilient action. Anger fuels our fight against injustice and… Read more »

Happiness, Your Relationship to Self and Your Relationship to Others

If someone could figure out how to bottle “happiness” they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams.  As much as happiness is natural for some, it’s not for others.  Those fortunate enough to consider themselves generally “happy” often don’t realize… Read more »

People Speak on their Revelations about Gratitude

The topic of gratitude has been buzzing for some time fueled by research that’s demonstrated it’s power to not only improve happiness levels but strengthen social ties, boost self esteem, reduce stress and even resolve old traumas (see the work of Bob Emmons, PhD for more). The… Read more »

4 Ways to Build Emotional Resilience

Do you bounce back from challenging experiences?  Or do you get stuck, caught in a whirlwind of difficult emotions, feeling vulnerable, lost or out of control?  Emotional resilience is the ability to handle and adapt well to relationship problems, trauma, health problems,… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

In The Impact of Gratitude on Health and Well-Being, Linda Graham, MFT offered a lot of practical benefits for people who practice gratitude daily.  Here she looks more deeply at the neuroscience of gratitude.  How does gratitude impact the brain? MRI imaging… Read more »

Relationship Problems? Try Dwelling on the Positive

Do you and your partner ever dwell on the positive in your relationship?  Maybe you should. It’s really easy to dwell on the negative in our personal lives and relationships.  The brain is wired to have a negativity bias.  In other… Read more »

The Impact of Gratitude on Health and Well-Being

Dr. Robert Emmons’s research on gratitude began with a fairly simple experiment, asking one group of students to write down three “benefits” a day for 10 weeks – i.e, enjoying a haircut or a car stopping for them at an… Read more »