Combat Self-Blame with Self-Forgiveness

Dr. Elisha Goldstein, PhD, offers a self-forgiveness practice to help shift our old stories and habit of self-blame.  He suggests that if we adopt a “learning mindset,” growth can occur from the inevitable mistakes we all make in life. Self-blame… Read more »

Mindfulness: A Powerhouse of Benefits for Emotional and Relationship Health

Lately, many have been talking about the power of mindfulness practices. It’s more than a tool to focus attention and reduce stress, as helpful as those outcomes are.  Mindfulness – defined as presence, openness, engaged awareness and compassionate acceptance of… Read more »

Ways to Stay Relaxed Throughout Your Day

If you’re like many, your life is go-go-go.  You do your best to balance family, friends, social life, work and other obligations.  The expectations that you and others place on you are always there.  Making it all work well may… Read more »

Your One Precious Life

I recently heard a poem that stopped me in my tracks with it’s visceral beauty and lesson in the power of mindfulness, or living in the moment. We all can learn to pay better attention as not to miss the magical… Read more »

Kindness is a Super-Power

Linda Graham, MFT believes that small acts of kindness can truly change the world.  She explores the “super-powers of kindness” and ways to pass it on. When my friend Edith’s grandson Nick was 6 years old, she asked him one day,… Read more »

Your Inner Kid: Fun Ways to Practice Playful Mindfulness this Summer

Most kids have it down when it comes to being in the moment.  They live for the now and get fully absorbed in their activities.  Without the burden of responsibilities they master the art of play, wonderment and mindful attention…. Read more »

Being in the Moment and Why it Matters

Mindfulness.  Presence.  Being in the moment. All three of the above essentially mean the same thing – and practicing them can bring you more emotional and relationship health.  It’s a practice, a reconditioning and training of your mind that can be done… Read more »

How are You? Really.

I’m not talking about the kind of “how are you” many of us ask acquaintances that often gets the “fine” response.  Whether it’s true or not, many of us have gotten used to relying on “how are you” as a… Read more »

5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Face of Another’s Emotional Reactivity

I had an experience that tested my patience and challenged me to remain calm in the face of aggressive, critical words.  My initial instinct was to fight back, defend and point out the ways in which this person had totally missed… Read more »

Your Emotional Leftovers – and How to Clear Out the Fridge by Re-wiring Your Brain

Neuropsychologist and writer, Marsha Lucas, PhD believes that emotional leftovers are similar to leftovers in your fridge.  They’re kind of messy – and much of the time they get old and you might even delay their removal longer than desired.   We’re… Read more »