Avoid the Expectation Trap

Craig Harper, a coach and motivational speaker in Australia, explores the many ways you can be let down by others and  how changing your expectations can change your reality. Do people let you down? Have they let you down in… Read more »

The End of Life, A Shift in Perspective

B.J. Miller, M.D., is a palliative care physician at UCSF Medical Center and former executive director at the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, California.  He is on a heartfelt mission to “de-pathologize death” and continues on that journey in… Read more »

Creating Meaning and Purpose Around the End of Life

Linda Graham, MFT looks at the often challenging topic of death and dying, how we can cultivate meaning and purpose around the end of life.  She explores the idea of a paradigm shift in how we (society, the medical profession) often… Read more »

Painful Holidays: Three Challenging Situations and How to Manage Them

Holidays mean good cheer and family get togethers for many, celebrating our most important relationships, enjoying good food and each other’s companionship.  But for some, the holidays can be a struggle because of painful or challenging situations. Here are three challenging situations and how… Read more »

What Does Emotional Health Look Like?

Many of us go to physicians to assess our physical health.  Are there issues of disease present or are all systems in the body operating smoothly?  It’s often obvious when physical health-related issues arise as there are signs.  But what… Read more »

How’s Your Emotional Health? A Quick Checklist

The term “emotional health” means different things to different people.  We all have a basic sense of what makes us happy and the road to a peaceful, satisfying life is unique for everyone.  As a therapist who works with individuals… Read more »