Steps to Identify Your Unhelpful Belief Systems

The core beliefs that you carry can be insidious in how they creep into your your perceptions about just about everything.  Do you struggle with anger, depression, anxiety, stress or recurring relationship problems and have the sense that it might have… Read more »

5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Face of Another’s Emotional Reactivity

I had an experience that tested my patience and challenged me to remain calm in the face of aggressive, critical words.  My initial instinct was to fight back, defend and point out the ways in which this person had totally missed… Read more »

Stay Right When You’re Wronged

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at ways to see things clearly, do what you can and let it go. It’s easy to treat people well when they treat you well. The real test is when they treat you badly. Think of… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Resilience: Emotional Regulation

(Post 3/9 in a series) As previously discussed in The Neuroscience of Resilience:  Quelling the Fear Response, much has been learned about the the power of resilience.  The last post in this series looked at the importance of  being less reactive to… Read more »

3 Tools for Effective Anger Management

Anger is one of the four primary emotions and has a very good purpose of alerting us to our boundaries being crossed by others. It serves us well when it’s expressed in a healthy way. However, when anger becomes screaming,… Read more »