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Emotional health is how you think, feel, behave and your ability to cope with your emotional states, whether negative or positive. There are many factors, including what you’ve been modeled before and your unique experiences, all the way back to your family of origin. The primary related emotions are mad, sad, glad and afraid.

Relationship health is the way you engage in your relationships and what you accept from others. Ideally, there is emotional safety in your closer relationships; intimate, family and friendships, an environment of trust, respect, validation, empathy, good communication, etc. Healthy boundaries and emotional availability are also relevant.

Happiness is a combination of many things for people but generally it’s difficult to feel happy if your inner world isn’t at ease and you don’t feel positively connected to others, even if just a few. They are connected because of how much they impact each other. If the two are both functioning well, there is a greater sense of well-being.

You may feel out of control internally or with others and probably with good reason if this has been your experience before. To regain self-empowerment, you need to do the work of identifying the issues, understanding why and doing something different. Family of origin work can help you unpack this. General psychoeducational education and trying different things can also help.

Going to therapy with a therapist who specializes in family of origin work and attachment issues can help you see things more clearly and make deeper level change. Also look for those with a focus on somatic therapy. CBT is helpful too.

Yes. Though not a replacement for live support, there are many educational tools and guides available created by therapy professionals. My Therapy-At-Home Workbooks and Guides were created exactly for this, to help those who prefer a DIY approach or those planning at some point for therapy but want to get a head start and be clear on where their work is ahead of time.

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