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A Course in Mindful Living

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Learn how to have confidence, be calm and live the life you want with A Course in Mindful Living, created by Elisha Goldstein, PhD and author of  Uncovering Happiness, The Now Effect and others.

This 6-month online mentorship program includes up to two hours of video presentations per month, a monthly live Q&R session with Elisha, a monthly breakout mentorship session lead by a member of a global mindfulness faculty, as well as self-paced guided meditations, written materials, audio downloads, activities and experiential exercises, quizzes to chart your progress, and much more!

The program also includes bonus interviews with leading mindfulness experts, including Dan Siegel, MD, Rick Hanson, PhD, Sharon Salzberg, Kristen Neff, PhD, and Christine Carter, PhD.  

Learn more about A Course in Mindful Living. (This program is currently full but you can get on the wait list!)