This Therapist’s Life: Out of the Office with Esther Boykin

“This Therapist’s Life” is an interview series intended to demystify therapists to the public while giving permission to therapists to speak from the heart about the joys and challenges of what we do, in and out of the office. Introducing, Esther Boykin…. Read more »

This Therapist’s Life: Out of the Office with Lisa Brookes Kift

I am a therapist and this is the first in my series about others like me.  My name is Lisa Brookes Kift and I was one of the first therapists online, part of an earlier group who began to challenge… Read more »

If I Was Your Therapist

If I was your therapist I’d want you to know… You’re not broken…It’s your experiences that have led to faulty beliefs that might be telling you that. I care about what happens to you…My work with you is not simply about a… Read more »

How to Make Couples Therapy Work for You

You are your partner are struggling.  Perhaps your disconnection is significant or maybe you feel committed to the relationship but see red flags waving that need addressing.  For couples who have been unsuccessful at implementing the kind of change they… Read more »

Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists: Submit Your Products to The Toolbox Store

Are you a helping professional in the field of emotional and/or relationship health?  Have you created a web-based or digital product (ebook, audio program, webinar, smartphone app, etc) that can benefit those seeking further emotional and/or relationship health growth? Could… Read more »

Marriage Counseling is Not What You Might Think

If you think marriage counseling is only for couples who are at the end of their ropes, you might be missing a number of opportunities to improve your marriage in ways that might actually help you avoid getting to “the… Read more »

Deeper Level Change in Individual Therapy

People come to therapy with varying expectations about the process and the tie that binds them is an awareness that something isn’t working for them as they are in distress emotionally and/or in their relationships. I see my role as witness,… Read more »

Insights into Childhood Trauma

The umbrella of trauma may be broader than many realize.  It’s not only about experiencing clear-cut physical or sexual abuse, neglect or other horrible events leaving you with a sense of helplessness; if as a child you experienced your environment… Read more »

The Past and Your Emotional Health

Your past is connected to your present and future.  Emotional health is a broad term but I see it as an overall sense of “alrightness,” of peace, of emotional flexibility, openness, absence of shame and felt happiness.  Others may define… Read more »

Divorced People Reflect Upon Lessons Learned About Marriage

In a longitudinal study starting with couples in their first year of marriage, Dr. Terri Orbuch, PhD continued to check in with the couples, even those who ultimately divorced (46%) eventually over the 25 years of the study so far. … Read more »