14 Ways to Make Repair Attempts in Your Relationship

Couples argue.  This is a reality.  Some escalate to damaging levels of conflict while others manage to keep it manageable, where no harm is ultimately done.  What’s the difference between these couples?  John Gottman, PhD, refers to successful repair attempts as the “happy couple’s secret… Read more »

And Baby Makes…a Disconnected Relationship?

Everyone knows that as wonderful as having children is – it changes everything.  In particular, the marriage or relationship from which the kids are born can take a significant hit.  According to a study by the University of Denver, a whopping 90% of parents report… Read more »

How to Spruce up Your Marriage

Sometimes, partners stay intertwined together and don’t experience difficult “growing pains.”  Sometimes couples struggle with the ebb and flow of their marriages. The classic line, “He’s changed…” may be an accurate statement.  But I would bet that “She’s changed…” and… Read more »

Happy Couples: 3 Unique Ways to Boost Happiness in Your Relationship

It’s no secret that open, healthy communication and time spent together are good ways to strengthen your relationship.  Marriage and relationship experts like me also talk at great length about the importance of avoiding the build-up of resentment, allowing each other to be… Read more »

Making Behavior Changes for your Partner? Show Them You Mean It

If you and your partner are actively trying to improve your relationship by making behavior changes that have been requested – this is great.  You are one step closer to improving the quality of your bond together.  Remember that this… Read more »

3 Tips to Rev Up Your Marriage

So your marriage is feeling “blah?” Rest assured, it’s perfectly normal for marriages to feel deflated and need some extra attention every now and then.  After all, we have family, social obligations, work responsibilities, dry cleaning to pick up…you get… Read more »