Ask the Therapist: She says she loves me but is married and dating others as well

I am over 60 and a healthy male now living an almost retired life. My relationships were always based on respect and a clear understanding of expectations…Three years back I met a woman in a public place where we frequented… Read more »

Married Sex Can be Great Sex

Richard Nicastro, PhD takes a deeper look at married (or long-term relationship) sex and some of the unique reasons it can be so satisfying.  He encourages couples to understand their ruts and look for opportunities for change. You might have read about—or… Read more »

Too Independent in Your Relationship?

Jennifer Chappell Marsh, MFT explores independence vs interdependence in relationships and what secure attachment looks like. Many of us have heard the saying, “At the end of the day, you only have yourself to fall back on…” We are taught from… Read more »

Learn How to Ask for What You Need in Your Relationships

Jennifer Lehr, MFT looks at the problem with “sucking it up” in relationships.  Positive connections and inner peace will more likely come from learning that it’s ok to ask for what you need. We all have emotional survival strategies that… Read more »

5 Steps to Create Positive Change in Your Relationship

You love your partner.  But you’ve made mistakes.  Some of those mistakes might be born out of old conditioning and patterns learned in your family of origin and what was modeled to you.  Or perhaps you just have been insensitive…. Read more »

Wired to Connect: Why We Can’t Live Without Love and Belonging

Linda Graham MFT looks at recent research in social neuroscience from the new book, Social:  Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect.  Not being connected socially is literally bad for your health. The need to connect goes back to being… Read more »

Marriage Improvement: The Importance of Believing Your Partner Can Change

Marriage and Family Therapist, Jennifer Chappell Marsh, looks at a study indicating a connection between relationship happiness and belief your partner can change. If you are a married couple, you are no stranger to working to make your relationship better…. Read more »

Getting Married? How to Soften Your Fall from Cloud Nine

Planning a wedding?  That’s exciting news and I bet you are light on your feet and full of the “warm and fuzzies” as you imagine the big day and future with your new spouse.  You and your fiance likely are… Read more »

Trust: A Critical Component of Sexual Intimacy in Committed Relationships

Richard Nicastro, PhD, examines how the sexual intimacy stakes rise when you fall in love.  He highlights the conditions that either encourage or discourage trust in a committed relationship. When love becomes part of the relationship landscape, when the other… Read more »

How to Sabotage Your Relationships by Not Owning Your Stuff

If you’re wondering why your relationships often go awry or seem more difficult than they should be, perhaps it’s time to consider your role in this.  Ouch, “I have a role?”  Yes, you just might.  And some of it might… Read more »