Being Compassionate and Rescuing: Knowing the Difference

Jennifer Lehr, MFT takes an honest look at her personal experience in a rescuer role in a relationship with a drug addicted partner.  She learns to reclaim  her own life after discovering and working with the part of her that… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: I hurt my boyfriend and now he’s backed away

Recently me and my boyfriend started college. On the first day he suddenly changed. He didn’t even wait for me but seemed to have more time for my friend. We’ve only been there for two days and yet I feel… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Something feels off in my relationship

I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and since May he has gotten a new job position with a lot of responsibility.  He now has a female co worker who he calls his partner…He spends a lot… Read more »

Get Closer with Your Partner in 45 Minutes

I stumbled upon this tool to improve the connection with your partner (intimate or not) via  Greater Good in Action.  If you are seeking more closeness with anyone in your life, set aside some time together (45 minutes is the… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend stopped communicating

I am a 21 year old girl and I’m a student.  My boyfriend is 23 and is also a student and we’ve been together for nearly 6 months now. I am his first ever relationship and he lives with his parents…. Read more »

The Emotional Disconnection of Not Allowing Your Partner In

Richard Nicastro, PhD offers his wisdom around why people often don’t invite help from their partners and how this communication breakdown can lead to misunderstandings in relationships.  He challenges you to consider if you block your partner and what ways you… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend and his female co-worker text each other constantly

My boyfriend of 6 months has a female friend who texts him on a daily basis.  He is a very sweet guy who I trust and I know loves me. We have been dating now for 6 months. Our relationship started… Read more »

Parenting: Keeping an Emotionally Healthy Attitude About Sports

The National Alliance for Sports recently reported that “70% of children drop out of organized sports by age 13.”  The reasons cited include injuries from overuse (specializing in one sport at too young of an age) and burnout, among others…. Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend has been abusive, has a drinking problem but is getting help. Should I stay?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months. We were long distance for the past four months while I get my degree abroad. We were both excited to see each other once I returned. Due to the fact… Read more »

A Husband Speaks: A Tale of Depression and Love

A husband writes anonymously about the struggles around his wife’s sudden onset of mental illness. In the summer of 2009, my wife and I were making plans for having our first child. We started dating as high school freshmen, and in our… Read more »