Ask the Therapist: Issues of Privacy and Verbal Abuse

I’ve been dating J for 1 1/2 years. We recently moved in together, I’m 27 and he’s 31.  We’ve had a few issues over the past 6 months, mostly due to me not feeling like he gives me enough affection… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: I’m in an Emotionally Abusive Marriage

I started dating my husband when I was 19 and he was 36. I came from a broken home where there was extreme violence and alcohol abuse, so I did not want to have anything to do with alcohol. He… Read more »

Marriage Advice: I’ve Been “Faking It” With My Husband

I’ve gotten myself into an extremely difficult situation, and any advice what so ever will be greatly appreciated.  I am 21 y/o and my husband and I have been married for two years now, and sexually active for three.  I… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Uncomfortable with my Boyfriend’s Relationship with his Female Friend

I’m 36, and I’ve been dating a 29 year old man for a year and a half now.  There are a lot of nuances that I don’t have time to recount, but my basic problem is this.  My boyfriend has… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My Boyfriend Lives With His Ex-Wife

My boyfriend is divorced eight years and lives an hour from me. We have been together two years. His ex-wife ran out of money and having no one he let her move in with him and their son but she… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Does Him Watching Porn Mean He’s Not Happy with Our Sex Life?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now and there is something that  I recently learned about him that is still bothering me. He looks at porn when I am gone for a few days. He… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Girlfriend added an attractive guy as a friend on Facebook

My girlfriend and I recently got back together and we have been working very hard at the  relationship, but I have a concern and do not know how to approach it with her. I was adding her as a friend… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: The Vibrator in the Marriage

My wife and I have been married for just over a year.  We rushed into it and were married after only dating for 4 months.  Anyway, as expected we had some adjusting to do and we ran into a few… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: I peeked at her private e-mails – and now I’m mad.

I have been dating a woman for about 2-3 months, and things are going great.  I feel like I am falling in love and I think it is mutual. However, she recently used my computer and checked her email and… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: The Slap Heard Around the Room

I met a really attractive and intelligent woman at a party a few weeks ago. It was a public event at an art gallery. She Then, things suddenly went downhill. I commented that she had a “nice, full, hourglass figure”…. Read more »