Ask the Therapist: She says she loves me but is married and dating others as well

I am over 60 and a healthy male now living an almost retired life. My relationships were always based on respect and a clear understanding of expectations…Three years back I met a woman in a public place where we frequented… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: I am playing second fiddle in my relationship

I’m writing to you to get your opinion on the situation I have going on with my boyfriend.  We have been dating for a little over a year. Around the time we first started dating I noticed him texting on… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend’s older co-worker is putting the moves on him

My boyfriend has recently started a new position in his workplace. His job is team based so he’s met a few new people and got closer to them as a result of this promotion. However, the woman responsible for the… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend wants nothing more to do with my son

I am in a relationship and have been for 18 months. We both have kids to previous partners. He has 2 girls aged 4 and 6 and I have 1 aged 7. The issue is my partner has said he can’t… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: Better to be alone or feel alone together?

My partner & I have been living together for 14 years.  I ignored earlier instincts (red flags) and continued anyway.  Suggested we go for counseling to deal with anger, family of origin issues), & to learn/practice better communication. Counseling refused several… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend is spending less time with me

My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 17 and now we are 28, off and on at first but steady and living with each other for the past 6 years. We’ve had a great relationship and are very close… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend is playing house with his ex and son

I have been dating my boyfriend for just over a year and a half.  He is a wonderful man and father to a nine-year old son. I am crazy about them both. I am a single mother to a two-year… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: I broke up, wanted him back – and now I’ve been replaced!

I loved a man intensely, later in life (I am heading into my 40’s). To be honest, he was my first boyfriend.  We loved each other a lot, but broke up for various reasons. I initiated it, but 2 months later… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend is having an improper relationship with his therapist

My boyfriend has seen a therapist over the past year for help dealing with some problems that he has has relating to his children.  Recently he has disclosed to me that his therapist called him at his home and requested that he… Read more »

Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend feels he’s not getting enough space

I had a question about relationships and spending time together.  I moved to Los Angeles in January to When he does get home from work it is usually around like 7-8 and I usually cook dinner then we just watch… Read more »