5 Ways to Bump up the Romance without Breaking Your Wallet

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel, LCSW encourages couples to shift their romance focus from special occasions to a daily mindset.  She offers some affordable and meaningful ways to show each other love. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, whether it’s… Read more »

Empathy on Fire

I was recently a volunteer for Challenge Day at my local middle school, an anti-bullying program to build empathy, compassion and spark positive change in the kids who take part.  Little did I know how powerful this day would be… Read more »

10 Ways to Betray Your Relationship (Other Than Infidelity)

Intimate relationships thrive on emotional safety.  The more each partner feels they can turn towards each other, seek shelter in each other from the storms of life, the  greater the security. When I work with couples, I look for not… Read more »

How to Repair a Relationship Rupture

Linda Graham, MFT looks at how to repair relationship ruptures and the neuroscience around it.   Researchers have discovered that even in “good enough” close relationships, we spend about one-third of the time in actual relating (attuned connection), about one-third… Read more »

Warning Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

It’s not like the movies. Relationships don’t usually break up during a big dramatic scene; they are distressed little by little over time until both partners feel a complete disconnection.  As a counselor, I meet couples when their relationship has… Read more »

Emotional Safety and Your Relationship

Richard Nicastro, PhD looks at the role of emotional safety in secure relationships and steps that can be taken to create it.  When emotional security is lacking… “Over the last year we’ve had so many ugly fights that I just… Read more »

Ways Couples Hide from Intimacy

Richard Nicastro, PhD explores the sneaky but effective ways couples can hide from intimacy. Emotional intimacy isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes courage and faith to open your heart to another, to let down your guard and take… Read more »

Make a Mistake in Your Relationship? Follow These Two Steps

We would not be human if we didn’t make mistakes.  In a relationship, when two people are navigating the complexities of each others feelings (as well as their own), mistakes are inevitable.  How many times in life, at work, with… Read more »

20 Relationship Tips: Give Your Relationship the Attention it Deserves

Let’s face it: there is a staggering volume of marriage/relationship help advice out there. Any Internet search on the topic will give you page after page of relationship “How to’s” and “What not to do’s.” Depending on your perspective, this… Read more »

Extreme, Everyday Love

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW, looks at ways couples can boost their relationship happiness level by incorporatating daily habits in intimacy. A relationship is like a plant: it needs regular attention to stay healthy. Does your plant have enough sunlight, water,… Read more »