Extreme, Everyday Love

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW, looks at ways couples can boost their relationship happiness level by incorporatating daily habits in intimacy. A relationship is like a plant: it needs regular attention to stay healthy. Does your plant have enough sunlight, water,… Read more »

The Truth about Men, Love and Intimacy

“I’ve been married for over twenty years. I know I’m not perfect, but I can honestly say that I do my best to be a good husband…I care about what my wife thinks of me as a husband and father.”… Read more »

How to Repair Your Marriage

You are not alone if you feel disconnected from your spouse.  You are also not alone if your marriage is “OK” but there’s a bit of a gap that has the potential to grow if unattended.  Marriages require work to keep… Read more »

5 Tips to Improve the Communication in Your Relationship

Whether you’re in a new dating relationship, engaged or married for years, one of the fundamental elements of a solid relationship foundation is communication. The following tips can only help to improve communication and thus the quality of your relationship. You tell each… Read more »

Mindfulness and Keeping it Real in Relationships

There’s a myth that won’t seem to die in popular understanding of anger. Back in the 1960’s, psychology (doing the best it could as a very young science) put forth the notion that “venting” your anger, letting it all hang… Read more »

11 Secrets of Happy Couples

When you see the words, “happy couples” what comes up for you?  You probably know a few of them.  They may be friends of yours or a couple you’re aquainted with – and they always seem to be happy.  What’s… Read more »

4 “Must-Knows” for a Happy, Healthy and Connected Relationship

After attending the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington DC, I came away with some very important and research supported “tidbits” from some of the top thinkers in couples and relationship health.  If you are currently in a relationship, consider the following list and… Read more »

3 Tools for Your Marriage Toolbox

Marriage should not be easy.  Holding this belief system can put undue stress on married couples who then also might be more inclined to give up when times get rough. The good news is that most people are willing to put… Read more »

Have You Watered Your Relationship Garden?

As many of us prepare to gather our most important relationships together to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts on creating the best possible relationship between you and your partner.  For those of you who are currently… Read more »

The Relationship Check-In

Relationships need nurturing much as a garden needs tending.  Particularly if you’re in a long term marriage, it’s far too easy to let the hustle and bustle of family, jobs, social obligations and life in general cloud over connecting with… Read more »