Learn How to Ask for What You Need in Your Relationships

Jennifer Lehr, MFT looks at the problem with “sucking it up” in relationships.  Positive connections and inner peace will more likely come from learning that it’s ok to ask for what you need. We all have emotional survival strategies that… Read more »

Marriage Improvement: The Importance of Believing Your Partner Can Change

Marriage and Family Therapist, Jennifer Chappell Marsh, looks at a study indicating a connection between relationship happiness and belief your partner can change. If you are a married couple, you are no stranger to working to make your relationship better…. Read more »

3 Ways to Make Date Night Work For Your Relationship

We’ve all heard the experts go on and on about the importance of date night to maintaining a happy relationship. In fact, researchers at University of Rochester found that watching movies and talking about them may be as effective at… Read more »

Get out the Broom…8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Marriage

For many, spring is a time of renewal and recharge, a sleepy-eyed yawn and waking up from a winter slumber of sorts.  People feel the urge to clean their homes, their cars and their work environments.  Marriages can also benefit… Read more »

When Honesty is Not the Best Policy in Relationships

I once heard a client say with great pride that she has always been “honest” in her relationships.  She told people how she felt about them and situations at hand.  For her it was inauthentic or “fake” not to be… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Negotiating Positive Change in Your Relationships

Linda Graham, MFT looks at how to make relationship changes by more clearly seeing your role in the dynamic and better able to tolerate what you see.  She lights a path towards the goal of relational intelligence while rewiring your… Read more »

Couples Communication: 5 Ways to Encourage Your Partner to Listen

Richard Nicastro, PhD looks at 5 specific tools to improve communication in your marriage or relationship, setting the stage for a stronger foundation and greater intimacy.  He also adds helpful rules to consider implementing in the process. Communication is the… Read more »

5 Ways to Bump up the Romance without Breaking Your Wallet

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel, LCSW encourages couples to shift their romance focus from special occasions to a daily mindset.  She offers some affordable and meaningful ways to show each other love. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, whether it’s… Read more »

Boost Your Relationship Resilience by Nurturing Your Strengths

There’s a lot known about the power of resilience to help us recover from extreme adversity.  True, a great deal of stress that can be associated with this process but people generally thrive over time, making it through incredibly challenging… Read more »

The Power of Emotional Presence in Relationships

Richard Nicastro, PhD deconstructs the skills of emotional presence and challenges couples to be self reflective around how they can be more attuned to each other, especially when it really counts.  Applicable to friendships, family and other important relationships. I… Read more »