Disempower Your Shame

Shame is sneaky.  It lurks in the shadows.  Shame is secretive and compelling in it’s ability to impact the way you feel about yourself at the very core.  But in your creativity and wisdom you have learned to deploy defense… Read more »

Rest in Center

Rick Hanson, PhD takes a look at the experience of being “all over the place” and how to get centered.  He encourages you to seek your wisdom, especially in the face of fear, anxiety and self doubt. Gravity and entropy are powerful processes… Read more »

Is it hard? Accept difficulty.

Rick Hanson, PhD explores how peace can be more easily acquired if one learns to accept the challenges of life rather than be caught up in annoyance.  He offers a number of ways to be better at handling the hard… Read more »

Tools for Resilience: “Hand on the Heart” for Calm

Linda Graham, MFT looks at oxytocin’s ability to calm the mind/body and increase resilience.  She offers an exercise to do that. Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter of the “calm and connect” response and is the brain’s direct and immediate antidote to… Read more »

Are We There Yet?

Rick Hanson, PhD, examines how we can spend too much time trying to get “somewhere,” the impact on the brain  and offers tools to be more present. We spend so much of our time trying to get somewhere.  Part of… Read more »

Cling Less, Love More

Rick Hanson, PhD, looks at the psychological tension inherent in clinging behavior and attachment to outcomes in life.  As a rock climber and a parent, I know some physical kinds of clinging are good – like to small holds or… Read more »

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at why beating yourself up is so unhelpful and ways to avoid it. Most people know their less than wonderful qualities, such as too much ambition (or too little), a weakness for wine or cookies, something… Read more »

Steps to Identify Your Unhelpful Belief Systems

The core beliefs that you carry can be insidious in how they creep into your your perceptions about just about everything.  Do you struggle with anger, depression, anxiety, stress or recurring relationship problems and have the sense that it might have… Read more »

Lower the Pressure

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at stress management from a neuroscience perspective and how we can “lower the pressure” we put on ourselves. Why? Things come at us with so much urgency and demand these days. Phones ring, texts buzz, emails… Read more »

Release the Flow of Oxytocin for Emotional and Relationship Health

Pssst…have you heard of oxytocin?  If you’re committed to improving your emotional and relationship health, it’s something you might want to learn a bit more about.  In the article, Love Potion #1?: Human Hormone Increases Positive Communication Between Couples (ScienceDaily.com), the question… Read more »