Is Technology Rewiring Our Brains?

An issue that comes up more frequently in my therapy practice is the impact of communication technology and the internet on emotional, psychological and relationship health.  The seduction of these tools, though helpful in a myriad of ways, is proving to… Read more »

Calming the Spinning Thoughts of Anxiety

People who suffer with the anxiety often experience rumination, or recurrent worry and thought spinning. This can greatly impact sleep and daily living. The negative cyclical thinking tends to have a spiraling effect – where the person ends up at… Read more »

5 Stress Management Strategies for Highly Driven Professionals

In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world we live in, super-achievers often find themselves at the top of the heap in their professions. They’re the ones who eat, breathe and sleep their jobs, race out of the house, briefcase and iPhone in… Read more »

The Impact of Depression on Relationships

Most of us are aware about the havoc that depression can wreak on somebody.  The symptoms can be almost paralyzing; a sensation that a dark cloud stalks them or a pit lingers in their stomach every waking moment.  It can be… Read more »

Emotional Overload: One Thing You can do Right Now to Soothe Yourself

Intense emotions such as anger, fear and sadness can be crippling in the moment.  They can feel like they “take you over.”  In a way, they do.  This is because if you are so upset that your brain is literally go… Read more »

Mental Illness and Unconditional Love

Unconditional love lies at the heart of helping a loved one with mental health issues develop positive self-esteem. But as a society we are geared toward conditional love: in overt and subtle ways, we learn how to love on the… Read more »