3 Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Growth

If you are like most people, you’d prefer happiness over unhappiness.  You probably know and accept that life cannot always dish out platefuls of sweet cherry pie with whipped cream or provide a sunlit dappled green field filled with daisies… Read more »

Happiness and Life Meaning: Both Important to Well-Being

Linda Graham, MFT looks at the power of life meaning, perhaps even over happiness.  She offers an exercise in which to invite both to foster resilience and well-being.  Research was recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology that discovered… Read more »

6 Ways to Improve Your Mood Today

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW provides some excellent tools and practices to help boost your happiness every day. You don’t need a life makeover to experience more happiness. By putting a few simple habits in place, you will increase your happiness… Read more »

With Happiness, It’s Not “One Size Fits All”

What makes you happy doesn’t necessarily do it for the next.  In fact, it’s a mistake to try to follow a set of cookie-cutter steps to attaining the happiness pot of gold (which is less static then fluid anyway).  According… Read more »

Reflections on The How of Happiness

More and more research shows that the pursuit – or creation – of happiness is not a selfish endeavor at all. Folks who deliberately cultivate happiness – in flavors of joy, contentment, love, pride, awe, – are more creative and… Read more »

5 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Peace of Mind

We all seek happiness.  We all want to feel calm, grounded and avoid being hijacked by our own emotional reactivity.  Thankfully, the recent studies in neuroscience are demonstrating how to do this.  If you find yourself easily stressed, worried and fearful,… Read more »

Happiness, Your Relationship to Self and Your Relationship to Others

If someone could figure out how to bottle “happiness” they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams.  As much as happiness is natural for some, it’s not for others.  Those fortunate enough to consider themselves generally “happy” often don’t realize… Read more »

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Rick Hanson, PhD looks at why beating yourself up is so unhelpful and ways to avoid it. Most people know their less than wonderful qualities, such as too much ambition (or too little), a weakness for wine or cookies, something… Read more »

6 Secret Qualities of Happy People

If there’s one thing that we all seek – it’s happiness. I’ve never met a person who has told me they didn’t want to be happy, have you?  It’s a fundamental human desire regardless of whether people believe they can attain it…. Read more »

What is Emotional Health?

What is “emotional health?”  As many definitions as people surely have, I think a good one begins with an over-all sense of psychological well being.  I would add to that, “a dance between your relationship to self and relationship to others.”  But… Read more »