6 Ways to Stop Worrying About the Small Stuff

As much as worry, fear and anxiety have a way of making us believe we have been brought to our knees, much of the worry, fear and anxiety we feel is ultimately not really about life changing, catastrophic things –… Read more »

Pet the Lizard

Rick Hanson, PhD takes a playful look at how we all can benefit from “petting our inner iguana” to calm our brains – and reduce fear, anxiety and trauma.   I’ve always liked lizards. Growing up in the outskirts of… Read more »

The Neuroscience of Resilience: Quelling the Fear Response

(Post 2/9 in a series) As previously discussed in The Neuroscience of Resilience:  Nervous System Regulation, much has been learned about the the power of resilience in how it impacts vulnerability to stressors, regulatory processes, why some seem more resilient than others… Read more »

Childhood Experience and Adult Anxiety

When children are born into this world, they are physical beings with no developed sense of self. Young infants begin to develop their core self as they interact with their primary caretakers. Ideally, their nest is a safe, loving and… Read more »

Calming the Spinning Thoughts of Anxiety

People who suffer with the anxiety often experience rumination, or recurrent worry and thought spinning. This can greatly impact sleep and daily living. The negative cyclical thinking tends to have a spiraling effect – where the person ends up at… Read more »